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Italian Art Cities

Italy’s arts heritage is in a class of its own containing sixty percent of the world’s art treasures. Since the 16th century, travelers have made the pilgrimage to Italy to drink from the font of artistic excellence. The country's cultural heritage, from Ancient Greek temples to the frescoes of Giotto and Michelangelo, is simply staggering in its richness. Italian cities are veritable living museums.

While there are many art cities which will instantly come to mind, Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan, Naples, there are many more which should be considered. Some like Assisi and Ravenna show the power and grandeur of the church, others highlight past civilizations be they Etruscan, Roman or Greek. Cities like Siena or Mantua hold treasures from the Renaissance while Perugia shows its Medieval face. Many of the art cities were ruled by single families in Verona, Ferrara, Urbino, all who have left their marks. Italy has over 53 UNESCO world heritage sites putting it at the top of the list for cultural travelers.

Our travelers experience the very best of Italian Art Cities because each day is tailored and personalized to meet their specific interests and requirements.

Why Do You Need a Local Guide?

Certainly you can tour any locale on your own with guidebook in hand but you would miss so much. A place is just a spot on a map without someone local who intimately knows it and like peeling an onion, reveals the layers of history, anecdotes and color or perhaps better said, the spirit of the place. A good local guide connects you, reminds you of the footsteps that have trod over these stones in the distant past and enlivens a locale in a way a guidebook never can.

Today there are many options for the curious traveler for a deeper inspection. If you value, and your budget allows, a one on one experience, you can spend a half or full day with a private guide who will bring your visit to life based on the desires of what you most want to see. Or consider a shared tour or smaller group tour with a guide. You will still hear the stories, learn the history & cultural aspects of a tour you have selected but at a price which may better suit your budget. You have advance reservations and in most cases entrance tickets which save you time and aggravation as you move ahead of the lines in the more popularly visited sites. It’s no longer a choice between the big bus tours or more costly private guides, you now have an in-between choice in many of the most heavily trafficked locations.

At Endless Beginnings Tours we select your guides based not only on their education in their specialties of art and local history, literature, food and wine of the region but also for the passion they bring. Through their mind's eye you’ll experience the sights in vivid explanations, painting a picture of life, culture and a sense of the country. An investment in a guided service enhances your experience far beyond the go it alone approach and leaves you with lasting memories.

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