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  • Super Tuscan Sangiovese grape
  • Tuscan Farm
  • Castel del Monte, Puglia
  • Tuscan Hills
  • Palladio's Villa La Rotonda

Italian Countryside

The countryside of Italy is entrancing! Most people envision the rolling hills of vineyards in Tuscany’s Chianti or a cypress lined road snaking its way through fields of wheat and flowers past tiny isolated chapels or medival borgos, in the mesmerizing Val d’Orcia. But Italy boasts many other distinctive countrysides offering life enhanicing experiences with something for every taste.

From the northern reaches of Aosta’s Alps down to Puglia’s sunny coasts the visitor is rewarded with unique sights and sounds. The alpine countrysides are often hybrids of Swiss, French, Austrian and Italian cultures with picture postcard perfect photo opportunities, a hearty cuisine, rich dairy products and crisp wines from their mountain slopes.

Our travelers experience the very best of the glorious Italian mountains because each day is tailored and personalized to meet their specific interests and requirements.

  • Small town in Piedmont

The Veneto

The gentle countryside of the Veneto is a wealth of immense architectural wealth in the numerous elegant villas, many by Palladio, with frescoed walls, ceilings and extensive grounds. Rivaling Tuscany’s hills and vineyards is Piedmont where the towns of the Langhe beckon serious wine and food lovers the world over. The lands of St. Francis and Roman emperors, Umbria and Lazio, have mystical monasteries and abbeys, waterfalls and ancient town and village birthplaces of Rome’s first emperors. Countrysides are dotted with red poppies and yellow broom in the spring, golden fields in the summer and autumnal golds and reds in the fall.

  • Small town in Piedmont
  • Trulli
  • Trulli

The South of Italy

In the south of Italy regions are rich with farms and vineyards growing grapes, oranges, lemons, olives and chestnut trees. Shepherds tend their Pecorino producing flocks and in the fall hunters take to the fields to bring game to their tables. Olives are harvested in the late fall all over the Italian countryside and in Puglia, Italy’s heel of the boot, the ancient groves are hives of activity. Countryside here is scattered with historic masserie and at Alberobello, conical shaped trulli.

  • Valley of the Temples, Sicily


While Sicily is surrounded by water its interior is dotted with wine estates, almond, citrus and olive groves often amid ancient temples. Beautiful agroturismi estates make rewarding stays, many near archeological sites. From north to south travelers weary of city life can have rewarding holidays making friends with Italians in their most natural habitat.

  • Valley of the Temples, Sicily

Italian Countryside Gallery

  •  Tuscan Vineyards

    Tuscan Vineyards

  •  Parmigiano Reggiano

    Parmigiano Reggiano

  •  Puglia's Ancient Olive Trees

    Puglia's Ancient Olive Trees

  •  Villa Barbaro

    Villa Barbaro

  •  White Truffle from Alba (Piedmont)

    White Truffle from Alba (Piedmont)

  •  Barolo vineyards, Serralunga, Piedmont

    Barolo vineyards, Serralunga, Piedmont

  •  Barolo wine from the Piedmont

    Barolo wine from the Piedmont

  •  Greek theater Taormina, Sicily

    Greek theater Taormina, Sicily

  •  Market in Sicily

    Market in Sicily

  •  Sicilian shepherds

    Sicilian shepherds

  • Italian Pecorino Romano Cheese

  •  Umbria Hill Town

    Umbria Hill Town

  •  Hill-top towns, Perugia

    Hill-top towns, Perugia

  •  St Francis Basilica, Assisi

    St Francis Basilica, Assisi

  •  Ostuni, Puglia

    Ostuni, Puglia

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