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Rome, The Eternal City

The Eternal City can be at times overwhelming, its multilayered past, churches and historic palazzi, ancient ruins, tombs and castles, colors of soft ochres, umbers and siennas of its buildings, the greenery of its parks and refreshing sound of the many fountains all forming a stark contrast to the traffic and sheer exuberance of its citizens. Whether you want to toss a coin into Trevi Fountain or visit the the Colosseum and Forums, Endless Beginnings’ travelers are encouraged to enjoy Rome's more off the beaten path sights. Explore the Palatine Hill’s ruins, the Aventine Hill’s streets lined with beautiful homes and groves of orange and lemon trees or see the panorama of Rome from the top of the Janiculum Hill. Tour Emperor Nero’s Golden House, the Domus Aurea, the Baths of Caracalla, the best preserved of the imperial bath complexes, the Pantheon, the Vatican and Sistine Chapel. Spend half a day among the ancient ruins of the Appian Way. Or visit the galleries and museums such as the Borghese Gallery, housing an intimate Renaissance and Baroque collection, Capitoline Museums for Roman sculpture, Renaissance and Baroque art, the Etruscan Museum at Villa Giulia to see Etruscan artifacts in a 16th century villa, Galleria Doria Pamphilj for a private painting collection in a patrician palace, Museo della Casina delle Civette to see Art-Nouveau stained glass windows and the restored Villa Torlonia, San Luigi dei Francesi, the French church with Caravaggio paintings and Palazzo Barberini, a 17th century palazzo painting gallery.

Let Endless Beginnings help you experience the glories of Rome, from the Trevi Fountain to the Sistine Chapel. We listen to your wishes and desires and facilitate your dreams so you receive the most personalized experience the Eternal City can provide.

  • Shoppin on the Via Condotti

Shopping In Rome

Some of the biggest names in Italian fashion including Fendi, Valentino and Bulgari, call Rome home. You will find their flagship stores, as well as boutiques by Prada, Armani, Versace, Ferragamo, Cavalli, Gucci, and many others along the grid of streets near the Spanish Steps.

There are the designer stores and boutiques on Via Condotti, Piazza San Silvestro to Via della Croce, Via Borgognona, Via Frattina, Via Sistina, Via Cola di Rienzo near the Vatican where you find both boutiques and department stores, as well as gourmet food shops, Via dei Coronari for antiques and home furnishings, Via Giulia and nearby streets for the decorative arts, Via del Babuino for exclusive antique stores, and the Via del Corso or Via Nazionale for more moderate prices and trendy fashion stores. Let one of our personal shoppers guide you to your heart's desire.

  • Shoppin on the Via Condotti

Roman Cuisine

Rome is the center of Italy, and as such, has a divergent cuisine. It is influenced by the cooking of the north as well as the south. While butter is used extensively in the north, and olive oil in the south, in Rome a strong preference is for lard or bacon. Some of the pastas of Rome include fettucine with butter and parmesan cheese, cannelloni, and anything cooked all'amatriciana...a fiery tomato sauce. Gnocchi are also popular in Rome. Local cheeses include pecorino, fresh mozzarella and ricotta. Saltimboca alla romana [veal with slices of prosciutto and sage] is excellent. One specialty of Rome comes from the Jewish quarter of old Rome, Carciofi alla giudea or a flattened french fried artichoke. In the spring, a great delicacy is spit-roasted baby lamb [abacchio]. The cuisines of Italy are vast and varied. In order to experience them at their best, try a number of the excellent trattorias, or small neighborhood restaurants.

  • Trastevere Cafe

The Roman Experience

Rome is a city best experienced or savored through its sounds, smells, taste and colors ~ church bells ringing calling the faithful to prayer, daily neighborhood markets like colorful Campo dei Fiori where loud haggling carries over the produce, aromas of freshly baked breads, sweets and pizzas mingling in the air. And, there are good gelaterias and period cafes throughout the heart of the city where a stop for a coffee is a welcome pick me up while sightseeing.

Stroll along the Tiber river, on your own or with one of our local guides, crossing the bridges from bank to bank, take a wine tasting class in the academy overlooking the Spanish Steps, walk at twilight through the Pincio Gardens and enjoy a dinner in the stylish setting of Casina Valadier. Saunter from glamorous Via Veneto to Piazza Navona, a jewel of Baroque architecture. Venture off the beaten path to experience the real flavors of Rome in the vibrant neighborhoods of Trastevere and Campo de’ Fiori with one of our local Food Walks. Along the way, you’ll learn insider tips about Italian cuisine and local food specialties.

  • Villa d'Este

Day Trips From Rome

We also recommend day trips from Rome to Ostia Antica to see ruins of Rome's ancient seaport, Emperor Hadrian’s Villa Adriana and the water gardens of Villa d'Este in Tivoli or Cerveteri and Tarquinia to discover the frescoed Etruscan necropolis. Explore the Castelli Romani where the "castles" are actually ancient hill towns which still produce excellent wines. Some of the best are the hill towns of Rocca di Papa, perhaps the most atmospheric, Frascati with its beautiful patrician villas and wines, Castel Gandolfo, the Pope's summer residence, Nemi where Europe's best strawberries are grown, Ariccia best known for its delicious roasted baby pork and Genzano which has some of Italy's best bread. Or visit the hillside town of Palestrina, charming medieval Viterbo, and the nearby villas of Bagnaia, Caprarola and Bomarzo, all famous for their gardens or villas. Another excursion is into Umbria and its charming cities of Perugia, Assisi, Spello, Gubbio, Spoleto, Narni, Orvieto and Todi.

Rome Gallery

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    Tiber at night

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    Trastevere Fruit Shop

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    Trastevere Square

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    Trevi Fountain

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    Vatican Inside Dome

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    Vatican Stairs

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  •  Pantheon


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    Piazza Navona

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    Shopping Heaven

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    Hand of a Colossus

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    Fresh Food Markets

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